Jun 5, 2010

Florida pictures

BALDY- This was an older and most likely nicer Hulk Hogan looking gentleman. He fished most days by the pier and we shared some nice conversations on salt. I good addition to the salty angler, you won't find a nicer person anywhere.

View of the salt from my condo steps.

View of the pier from my condo steps.

Well- this is it boys. The only busting bait I saw all week were on the end of this pier. LADYFISH. Once you waded waste deep, it was still a full line (90 feet) to the end of the pier. This still put you about ten feet short. I picked up a few lady fish on the odd runs that headed them towards the beach. It was a frustrating week of little fish.
I talked to some local fushermena bout the SNOOK. Florida had a horrible snook kill months back, due to the coldest winter on records in decades. I saw pictures of thousands of dead snook washed up on the docks and beaches this winter. Many guys told me that last year you could see thousands of snook in a weeks time cruising these beaches. THOUSANDS. I might have seen dozens and they had no interest in flies.
It was actually my 15th weeding anniversary trip and I got to take the fly rod cause my wife is awesome. The week held some great points. I had a Manatee come with in a few feet by the peir. I fished to a two foot sand shark that was blasting some bait. Saw dolphins. Chased big crabs in the surf. Did some body surfing.
Even with the bad fishing I would go back again. Waste deep in crystal clear water with a fly rod can only be a good time.

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