Feb 4, 2011

Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters

OK, as most of you know I buy all my material from the Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters. Andy, the owner and I have been talking for a while about a sponsorship program between the two of us. I think we have some thing worked out for the future. I will personally vouch for these guys. I have spoken to Andy and Jon allot and they are both great guys. The store is also a great shop and chuck full of all the highest quality stuff. If you choose to buy from them, add a note on the order and tell them that I sent you. If I get enough business moving we will make Andy change his logo fish to a Pike.

Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters
312-944-3474 866-922-8130

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Michelle said...

This is such an amazing entry and I love to read more of it so that I will be able to look over and have it as an inspiration for further articles to write about when it comes to updates on fly fishing and it's pros and cons too. I do hope you will get to visit our official website and let us know what you think about it. Here is the link


Thanks ahead :)