Jan 13, 2012

My equipment list

Temple Forks TICRx, 8 weight , tip fast taper
Temple Forks Axiom, 8 weight, mid fast taper

2 Temple Forks 475, 10/11/12 weight

10 weight cortland 300 grain fast sink striper line
10 weight cortland pike taper

9 foot bone fish clear furled leader

3 feet 30 lb flourocarbon

Because I throw such large flies I prefer to over line my rods. I can throw almost an entire 90 foot pike taper with a fly on with this set up.

The 2 over line weight cannot be cast with this set up because the full line grain weight is too much for the eight weight rod. The 10 weight belly only grain is close to 300 grains on both and shoots like a bomb. One false cast and throw it for all it will go. This larger grain makes the fly pull less drag on the shooting and also pushes it in case of wind. I used to run a 9 weight line, but the 10 shoots with minimal added effort and goes farther and is effected less by wind.

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Brookfield Angler said...

I am going to have to throw both of these set ups this spring...the idea of over weighting is something I though about, but always read not to go over weight by more than 1.