Feb 4, 2012

Fly fishing and armed officers of the law

So when we were out fishing today the cops showed up and motioned us all out of the water. Apparently there is an ordinance that says we cannot wade below the dam. I spent almost an hour looking at the ordinances and found only two spots where it is mentioned. No swimming and you cannot be in the water from the crest of the dam to the safety wire above it. So on Monday I will be calling the city in order to get the specific ordinance code that says we cant fish. I refuse to give up the best fishing in town without proof.


floydian78 said...

That's ridiculous. If you don't get anywhere with the city you could always try finding a canoe or kayak or something like that. I know some people who paddle over there quite a bit. At least you couldn't get in trouble for wading that way. Just mind the rocks!

Dave said...

Lame ass cops. Half of them don't actually know the laws they think they're enforcing.

John said...

That is lame! I wonder if they have a rule about launching my kayak below the dam.