Dec 25, 2012

Tandem flies

Had a long conversation this weekend on why I don't tie tandem flies anymore.
The don't swim, but wobble more like a jointed rapala.
They take twice as long to tie.
I get most all hook ups on the front hook any ways.
It adds allot of weight to the flies, which make it sink and harder to cast.
I also don't think they have as nice of profile.
I know lots of people who live them, so be it. That's why we have choices.

1 comment:

The Happy Trout said...

I used to think you had to use tandem flies to increase your chances of a hookup. Not true. They foul too often, I've had fish miss both hooks, and actually hooked more fish on single hook flies. Predators target the eyes. Where your front hook is anyways. I hurt alot of fish by sticking them in the eyeballs with tandems. for that reason alone, time to stop using them. I'm with you. Tandems are a false sense of hookup security.