Mar 26, 2013

Tying the Beast

 Tie in a small chunk of bucktail about the size of a pencil, making sure to allow the hair to wrap around the hook. Wrap from the back of the hook to the front and back.

Add some flash to the fly wrapping from back to front.
 Attach another chunk of bucktail about the size of pencil, wrapping from front of hook to back and then to front. Hold up on material to allow it only to wrap 3/4 around the hook.
 Add about a 1/4 diameter of a pencil of super hair. Wrap from front to back and then to front. Pull up on material as you wrap backwards to keep it on top of the head.
 Tie in a small bunch of yak hair, wrapping from the front of the hook to back anf then forwards. Again holding up on the material to keep it on the top of the head. You can add a small clump of black super hair now to simulate a lateral line if you want.

 At this point reverse the steps and continue ahead.

Super hair




add 5 tinsel and 5 holographic scale to each side
add a chunk of peacock to the top tying in on top of the head, but should extend past the hook eye at this point. The tie in the peacock half way from the material to the hook eye. Cutoff extra peacock and whip finish. The peacock makes a bridge for the epoxy to fill in.This stops you from having to taper any materials on the main body. Put a small covering of super glue on the butt ends of the materiel to bullet proof the head. Trim the fly to be 3x the length of the deer hair head triangle. This gives you a general minnow dimension. Glue eyes on the side and then coat with 5 minute epoxy.

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