Aug 23, 2010

Great night of poptential fish

Hit a local river last night and missed three big smallies and one nice pike. The river there is a large calm flat over big rocks and about three feet deep. The minnows were jumping as the big streamer pushed through the water. Then all the minnows for about a five foot circle exploded from the water. The water kinda dropped as the fish started kicking forward. You could see the bass's head pushing water as he headed forward towards the streamer. Two more strips and the water exploded. The bass grabbed the streamer and came out of the water for about two feet towards me. Quickly I tried to bring in the slack line. When the line got tight and I hammered on the fish, but nothing was there.
I fished him for another 15 minutes before moving on. I would have guessed him at five pounds. Two more big smallies followed and then the pike. I never did get a hook into any of the fish.
I plan on heading back down Tuesday night to hit them again.

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Pat Cohen (smalliestalker) said...

love it when they play you catching....good luck tuesday