Aug 2, 2010

Keep your hands out of the gills!

Boga grips can be found as cheap as $25 USD.

There is no reason to shove your fingers into the delicate gills of fish. Seriously!

I love to take pictures as much as the rest of you, but let's not risk hurting fish to help glorify our own egos!

I have said my piece.


Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Sometimes one needs to have his hands in the gills to prize the hooks out James.This technique has been used by us pike fishermen for donkeys years especially when the fly has been engulfed. The boga grip although holds the pike doesnt help with opening its mouth.

Always worries me when I see every bass fishermen holding a bass with its bottom lip and its spine stressed,yet supposedly thats the correct way to handle they!!!!!

James O Durbin II said...

Simon, I disagree. In all my years I have never used a gill grip to remove a hook. There is always a better way. Boga's are so simple. Hook the bottom lip of the pike, the grip will hold the fish by itself, lift and support the tail end, take picture, place back in water, apply force against the bottom lip and it will open much like lipping a bass,remove the hook.
I think I remember buying you one, my friend. Use it!

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

I've been gill gripping pike for 15yrs now and will never change. I always use the boga grip you got me from my boat as nets are detrimental to the pikes protective slime. When I'm wading, I fish light,extremely light and fart arsing around with a boga grip while fishing in the dark isn't what its about for me mate.That fish went back safe within a minute of hooking it.....none the worse for having been gripped under the chin.I see too may chaps grabbing a pike from behind its head to haul it into the boat which is even worse as this squeezes air out of its swim bladder.

If you think that lifting the pike up to show the world "Hey look what I caught" and especially to glorify my ego...then you are sadly mistaken.

Nearly every pike fly fisherman I know uses this technique to hold a pike
Boga grips aren't the answer to everything or all those chaps in the images would be using them.

pikepicker said...

James your not going to win this argument your dealing with a 1st rate know it all. 15 years....questionable. Though I am a fan of using the lippa's and unhooking pike in the water next to the boat. you can properly handle pike with out them. Good post. "ignorance is Bliss"