Nov 3, 2010

Flies with a keel effect

I tie all my flies with light saltwater hooks that are barbless. I get all the advantages, but one major problem. I am pushing big 10 inch flies with a lot of bulk. There is almost no hook weight to help keel the fly straight in the water. This is even worse when fishing cross current in the rivers. To try and correct this I have added a line off epoxy after the hook on the bottom as well as extra on the bottom of the head in front of the hook. I am hoping this added weight on the bottom of the fly will help to keel it straight in the water.
You can see the extra epoxy behind the hook on the fly.

We will see if this helps.

Pike Fly.

1 comment:

dave lindsay said...

you should try some of piketreks putty for this mate easier than messng around with epoxy