Nov 24, 2010

Winter posting: Tips and tricks

Since I use mostly the same fly all the time I will be doing less posting on the flies I tie. I am mostly in production mode right now anyway. My goal is to have 400 flies tied by the end of January. These will be sold at the Midwest fly shows I go to. Instead I will be posting tips, tricks and the gear I use. I have been fly fishing for 20+ years and have continually reduced my tackle down to the bare minimum. I take only what I need and nothing else. It takes alot for any item to work it's way into my chest pack. We will start with the things I use and why and work our way through the knots i use and the set-up as well. All this is meant to give new ideas to other fisherman. I have adapted a few tricks I have leaned on the blogs I follow and used them to my benefit. I am a firm believer that we never stop learning.

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