Mar 11, 2011

Leader connection to the fly line

I have always used a chunk of looped fluorocarbon nail-knotted to the fly line for a connection, if the line didnt come looped. Well I tried one of those braided loops you slide on the line. It seemed pretty tight until I got a snag. POP. There went the braided loop, the fly and a twelve dollar furled leader.

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My Ghillie said...

I would be interested in knowing several things;
1. How long was the braided connector? Or how many inches of you line was in the connector?
2. Was there one or two layers of the braided mono over your fly line?
3. Did you PlyOBond or glue ALL of the braided mono?
4. Did you whip finish the end Braided mono?

I live and fish here on the coast of North Carolina. Sometimes I'm playing with 150lb fish. I have used alot of different loop connectors and found that the braided mono connector, when done right , is the most dependable of them all. Even better is the fact that I can cast it right thru the eyes of the rod and barely know it. This especially good when casting shooting heads.
Let me know the answers and maybe I can help you out.