Mar 20, 2011

Saturday Fishing

Went fishing Saturday with Ray, Dave and Stan. Put in the first picture for you locals to know where we went.

The water at the dam is really nice looking. Funny, it is very close to me and I have never actually fished it. Recently they put in a foot bridge which made it accessible if you didn't have a boat. The water is really nice. Lots of back pools and rip, but pretty shallow for this time of the year. I can tell you I will be spending more time there this summer.

Took a couple of new items out to try. Got a Simm's guide jacket, man is it nice. Never was willing to spend the money so I just wore a fleece most of the time. This thing has an outer membrane and a thin polar tech lining. Weather was about 45 and only needed the jacket and a t-shirt. I am very impressed. Also used my new Striper intermediate sink line. This thing will bomb the flies and runs them about three feet deep. That is about perfect for the local dams. I could feel the fly bumping bottom once in a while but didn't have a lot of snags.

Unfortunately only a few small walleyes were caught.


Jeff said...

Must be nice to get out. Still frozen solid up here and we got more snow last night. What did you get for an intermediate? I just picked up the latest Rio clear intermediate striper line to try out.

John said...

I've yet to fish this local spillway as well. Looks nice. I've found that once April arrives the catching around here heats up. Good luck–-James.