Sep 18, 2012

Interesting how we learn new things.

If you look at the 2 flies below. You will notice the top fly has the head located higher and the bottom is more symmetrical. I have noticed that the flies that are not as symmetrical have a great dead minnow action in the water. Give them a good strip and then pause. They ease of to one side and then the belly tries to float up. Yank it again and it rights itself, but then as it looses momentum in the water it tries to go belly up again. Man, it looks just like an injured minnow that is dying. This has gotten me to try some new ties in order to duplicate this action. If you keep a constant strip..pause then the flies runs vertical like it should. In clear water when the fish are not as aggressive I think the dead minnow action may draw more strikes. I noticed this action when trying to light a cigar in wind. Strip. Try to light the cigar. Strip. Try to light the cigar. Strip. You get it. Testing this fall will ensue


FishnDave said...

I'm curious as to the construction of this pattern. They look good! How long are these? The hair looks like it? Is the head foam or that "gummy minnow" product?

James O Durbin II said...

These are generally 9-11 inches.
Body material is yak, wings are buck tail.
Heads are made of loco foam in the picture. I also use fish skin, regular craft foam.
I will try to do a step by step with materials in the next couple of days. Thanks Dave.