Sep 19, 2012

Tying the Beast!

I tie these on short shank barbless Gama hooks in 4/0-9/0. As a marker I divide the shank in half with thread. All materials will be placed to the 1/2 way of the thread and not past. The first layer of bucktail, about the width of a pencil, is the only chunk allowed to wrap around the hook. This makes it easier to secure. Remember that all other layers will be on top of this. If this layer spins in the starting couple of steps,it will only get worse as you add layers.

Add a chunk of some flashabou style material.
 I prefer a pearl in the white.

 Add another chunk of bucktail. 

Tie in a small clump of superhair, leave full length

Tie in your first clump of yak, leave it full length.
 A little larger than diameter of pencil.

Tie in the top color of yak.
At this point it is a reverse of the beginning order until the top.

Tie in some superhair in the top color.

 Add your first clump of deer hair

Add your flashabou color.
I prefer a lighter/darker color than the deer hair for contrast.

Add 5 wide tinsel and 5 holographic scale evenly on each side.

Then top off with peacock herl.
The herl should be tied in about a half inch longer than hook eye.
  Pull it down to the end of the thread and tie off.

At this point the fly body is done. EDIT: I apply a small amount of super glue to the
tips of the material. This helps to bullet proof them and stops them from being pulled out.
 Either glue eyes to the side and epoxy or add the foam sides and then eyes and epoxy.
Trim the fly at the end to length so the body is 2 times longer than the bucktail.
Then trim from the center of the tail to the top of bucktail to make general fish shape.
I use full length fabric scissors to trim the tail. It is easier to get a straight line.

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