Oct 12, 2012

Hello me. Meet the real me. In my misfits way...

Sup? Me again. Thought tonight we would talk a little about casting.

I use an 8 weight rod. In this case I am throwing a 300 grain full sink line. I use about a 3 foot section of flouro as a leader so I retrieve the fly until almost all line is in the rod. Make a light haul in order to get a few feet of the line out as you go forward. Then lay the rod against your arm as an anchor. As in this photo.
Do a single haul to chuck the line upward behind you. You only need enough line to get the belly out of the rod. Then double haul the living crap out of it. I can throw the entire 90 feet of this line and one of my large flies.
This is where I was fishing tonight.

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