Oct 22, 2012

weekend salmon fishing

Biggest fish this trip was an 8 lb brown, hooked larger but didn't land. No salmon were had. Found some legitimate 15 lb fish on beds, but could convince to eat. The record browns from this river for our group is 22-25 lbs. Have to say fishing sucked. River went from 50 cfm to 300 cfm in two days. Started to clear up a little on our last day, but was like fishing in coffee.

 Yummy! We purposely go up after the Chinook are mostly done. This means the steelhead, browns and coho are the normal fish in the river.

These new wool gloves worked great. Even after being soaked and wrung out, they kept my fingers warm. I would like to get a pair with full fingers on the last 3 fingers.

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