Dec 20, 2010

New Rod

I am very impressed at how well my Temple Forks TiCR X super fast tapers 8 weight throws my monster flies. I think after Christmas I will pick up a TF Axiom, which is rated as Ultra Fast. You can always have a little more backbone when throwing big flies on smaller weight rods.

Axiom Series

ax·i·om \ˈak-sē-əm\
n. a self-evident truth that requires no proof

Alternate View

Through a proprietary process, Kevlar is sandwiched between two layers of carbon fiber pre-preg. This patented (US patent pending) process helps reduce the ovaling effect a rod blank experiences under load, creating an exceptionally smooth powerful rod with remarkable damping (tip bounce) qualities. The result is ultra high line speed with crisp, clean, accurate loops.

TFO’s Axiom series feature a rich translucent blue blank accentuated with gold script and accents, Flor grade cork (reverse half wells on the 4 and 5, full wells with decorative burl rings on the 6-10), gun metal blue up-locking reel seat and large stripping guides with gold titanium oxide inserts.

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John said...

James - we need to get on the Cedar together in 2011. I'd like you to show me the ropes of Pike fishing. I'm usually targeting fish found on the Cedar's finger streams.Cheers!