Dec 12, 2010

Thanks to those who have followed my site

Well, apparently the friend emails with in the blog are not working. So, anyone who has "followed" my site in the last month or so has not received your complimentary joining flies. Send me your address and I will get you out your flies. If you have a choice of colors let me know as well.

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LakeCountryFlyfisherman said...

Hey James, my name is Mike Geisler. My address is 980 Vail View Dr. # b110 Vail CO 81657. The hooks on your pike flies are interesting. Hooks have been one of my biggest problem when fishing for Toothys. My blog is LakeCountryFlyFisherman. I'm kinda new to the blogging game, so any advise would be greatly appreiciated. In fact if you could just "follow" me that would be great, you could be the first. Merry Hanakwanza, Mike