Apr 22, 2011

Got Crabs?

Kinda tired of tying the big flies and need a break from them. I figure I have tied almost 500 since last December.
Planning on going to Florida this summer and I think crab flies are cool. These are very simple to tie and I think they are one of my fav to look at.
You need rubber bands, round velcro dots or another material of the type, eyes and glue.
Tie in a barbell hook clouser style.
Stick the Velcro dot on the bottom of hook and then lay the rubber bands and eyes on the dot like shown.

Glob some super glue on the dot and smash on the top. Hold for a few seconds till the glue bonds. The construction is done.

I used a sharpee to coat the ends of the rubber and put dots on the back.


Dustin's Fly Box said...

That is REALLY cool!! Thanks for sharing!

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Like those a lot James