Apr 25, 2011

Sunday Fishing with the Axiom

Alright I actually had chance to throw the new rod on Sunday.
Axiom 8 weight 9 foot
300 grain striper line
9 inch fly
light winds
Didn't have any problems throwing the entire length of the line. Only needed one false cast and let it fly. The rod is definitely more of a mid tip flex than my tip flex TICR+. When casting the rod you could feel the length of the rod load verses the sharper snap of the TICR+. I am very pleased with the entire of the rod and how it operates. It feels to have more available over head when throwing, meaning it could take more line if I had it to give. I am exciting about getting out this weekend and do some more testing.


BrookfieldAngler said...

That's a sinking line, right? I am hoping that the river will be a bit less washed out when I get back from Atlanta so I can throw those amazing flies you sent. I am seriously impressed with them.

James O Durbin II said...

yes, intermediate sink