Apr 19, 2011

Temple Forks Axiom

Was hoping to have this good fishing report by now, but we have been in the 30's all week and even had snow. Seriously...who pissed in God's cheerios.
So I thought I would do a cosmetic review of my new rod.
Nice deep blue rod. Comes with typical snake guides and alignment dots.

Oversized strippers. These have a nice gold accent to the middle and a gold accent on the wrappings as well. The rest of the stripper is blue to match the reel seat and blank.

Double upward locking aluminum reel seat, again in deep blue to match the rest of the hardware and blank. Got a nice curvy butt going on back there. Just like I like my wife (hope she doesn't read this).

Multi colored cork gives it a nicer finished look than standard one color scheme. Here's one bitch I have to Temple Forks. The majority of their rods are this nice dark blue and the 425 reel only comes in GREY. Its even this shitty dull grey. The 325 comes in a red, gold and shitty grey. Hello? Wouldn't a nice dark blue anodized reel just be the best accent for this all blue rod. I would have even paid a few bucks extra.

Well, I would guess its only a matter of time before they have me designing my own line of rods and reels and I can tell you that reel is gonna come in blue.


BrookfieldAngler said...

That is one sexy set up! I kind of like the gray/blue combo. It adds some subtle, yet appealing, contrast.

BrookfieldAngler said...

BTW, we need to talk about sending some of those pike flies my way...

pikepicker said...

Durbs.....an 8 wt son?????

James O Durbin II said...

Its all I have ever used to throw my 10 inch flies. Bigger is not needed for casting and overkill on the fish.