Aug 31, 2009

Rain rain go away.....

Five inches of rain in a day has reeked havok on the local rivers and fishing is worthless.
On a good note I should have a bunch of new streamers to post tomorrow night.

Aug 18, 2009

My gear

Currently I use a Temple Forks TCRX rod and a Greys GRXi+ as my main rod. My secondary is an Airflo Bluetooth Saltwater and a Greys GRXi. I liked the look of the large arbor reels and the fact that the cassettes will interchange among both rod set-ups.

False Albicore

I promised Randy I would post something nice about him since I had his knitting video up. Here is a nice False he caught.

Aug 10, 2009

Floating in the pontoons

Floated on Saturday in the pontoon. pictures of fish to post.

Cedar River

Here are some shots of my favorite haunt.

Aug 6, 2009

Snook in Florida

Spent a week in Florida in July hitting the beaches for snook. I will post pictures later, but this video of my friend Randy trying to knit a sweater with his set-up just makes me laugh inside.

Fishing fluff

Not much new to report so I thought I would post a few of my favorite patterns.

Aug 5, 2009

Pike Flys

I have been pike fishing for many years, primarily because of my love of large streamers and big rods. I have 3 weights and boxes of size 18 Adams, but they do little for me anymore. I want to hear the splash of the fly and feel the weight of the line as it loads. The fish I chase can live off our local trout, maybe two or three at a time. To know that small mammals swim across the water fearing these preditors, as we do "Jaws" is a thing of passion. Lately I have been throwing some new large streamers I tied this year to varying success. The rivers and streams have been flooded and dirty most all of the year so far and little has come from them.