Jul 21, 2010

Hardy Demon Reels

I don't need a new reel, I don't need a new reel, I don't need a new reel!

Jul 19, 2010

Lots of flies to go before winter.

Started going through my box figuring out what materials I need to get ready for the fly tying shows this fall and winter. I sold close to 300 flies during the shows last year. I figure six to seven flies from a bunch of yak hair. I can get 20 flies from a deer tail. Do the math. I need 50 packages of yak hair and 15 bunches of hair. Not to mention the crystal flash and hooks. I love to tie, but right now it seems pretty overwhelming.

Jul 17, 2010

Drinking and tying don't mix!

Catastrophe struck last in the form of a bud light. Prepared my fly tying table for some new flies and then headed up stairs for a beer. Poured a cool bud light with olives in it for taste. Walked downstairs and sat down. Reached across for the vise and SPLASH! The entire beer went across the tying table and started running down the wall. 45 minutes later I had most of it cleaned up and sat down again to start working. When I left a couppe hours later you could still smell the beer.
Wonder if pike like the taste of hops?

Jul 10, 2010

Good morning

Nice time on the water this morning. Caught this pike, had two more on. My buddy caught a couple of small pike and two nice largemouth.

Jul 7, 2010

Fish Porn!

Tough to take your own photos while waste deep in the water and holding a fly rod on your shoulder and a fish in the other hand.

This pike crushed the orange fly right in front of me. It went about six pounds.

This bass raced off the bank to take it right next to a big rock. Its about 16 inches. Pretty typical.
The night was not without casualties though, I donated three flies to break offs and my favorite yellow fly is still up in the tree.

Jul 5, 2010

New equipement that ROCKS!

Spent alot of years in a band "Sea of Insanity" and lately have gotten the itch.
Dean ML body guitar.

Green oak all through neck and body, with gold hardware kit.

Standard V head stock.

Skull knobs.

Upgraded to dual humbuckers.

What do ya do? We ROCK.......