Sep 29, 2011

New Friends

I have fished with some new friends this year John, Travis, Andy, Nick and Jeff. One thing I have learned is how different our tactics are for the same fish. One thing I will try to do more of is give my tricks out on the blog. I have been very busy lately and posting has been more pics, but not much content. I will try to raise the content level in my fishing talks as well as tying. I am doing allot of fishing lately before it gets too cold and trying not to be off the water when I can.
This is my non promise!

Sep 28, 2011

Leader length

I was throwing the non epoxy head flies last Friday and couldn't get it to swing from side to side. After much investigation on the fly for flaws, i was getting very frustrated on the crappy water movement. In came the tree. I ditched it in a tree by the bank and broke it off. We went to the bank to pick up the fly and i had to re-tie. I put on my normal 3 feet of leader and went to casting. The fly swung beautifully.

NOTE: I can only assume the shorter leader was too stiff and not allowing the fly to swing. I am now careful to not allow the leader to get shorter than two feet before throwing these flys. I save the shorter leaders to use when throwing the sinking line.

Sep 25, 2011

No fishing this weekend

Airsoft instead, street wars iii

Sep 23, 2011

Today on the lake

Only one fish landed, rolled a couple of maybe 5 pound muskies. Had a few bunches of shad getting busted by bigg fish, fun to watch.

Sep 20, 2011


Their watching me!


Not olden days ruling people, but orange butterflies. The last are being tagged and released for the year.

Sep 18, 2011

Started tying for the shows this winter

Lots of hours behind the vise ahead to get ready.

Sep 17, 2011

Todays fishing

Few fish, none worth pics. Biggest lost was about 5 pounds.

Sep 10, 2011

Chillin on the back deck

Siting on the back deck relaxing tonight. Got a beer, bag of peanuts and the dogs begging.
Bluejays and chickadees calling. Humming birds flying around. Pretty nice night.
Last night we found some praying mantis int he back yard and watched them for a while.

Maybe play a little Call of Duty as the sun goes down.

Sep 2, 2011

Sponsored by William Joseph

I have used William Joseph for almost three years now. I have a chest pack and a fanny pack. Both are the new magnetic style with no zippers. This was what caught my attention at the fly shop when I was looking. They have both been great. So when I got a email from Paul about a sponsorship I was stoked. Promoting the gear we love is an awesome way to go. I will be touting some new gear and bags at the fly fishing shows I go to this winter. I look forward to some time on the water with my new chest pack on the way. I am not a big review writing guy, the fact that the Current is around my neck in all the fish pictures should be good enough for anyone.

The new TECH series is awesome.

Sep 1, 2011

PIke Painting

I met Ted at the Minneapolis Fly Show last year and talked to him about a Pike skin painting. Well here it is. I should have it in a week. It is 12 inches x 24 inches.

Contact Ted if you have any interest.
Ted Hansen
3322 Fillmore St. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418