Jul 18, 2013

Advertising fun.

Some of you know I like to poke fun at advertising choices.  Got this glock book in the mail.  It's the  gun choice of cops army men and ninja world wide.  Also the "compact" is the choice of naked women with few spots to conceal a firearm. As well the first choice of birds of prey every where.

Jul 17, 2013

New tying area

The wet bar is gonna be my new tying area. Shelving.  Microwave (with popcorn) sink and fridge. Hope to get things back to normal soon.

Jul 15, 2013

The Musky Chick

Spent some time throwing line with lisa Davis from "strip and twitch." Rolled a few fish but it was pretty much an Un eventful day as far as fish go. And that fly is red not pink.

Jul 6, 2013