Nov 25, 2009

Looking back...

Fall is fading fast as chances of snow are being talked about in the news. It has been another good year of fly fishing. We always hope for just one more fish or just a few pounds bigger, but honestly it has been all good. Even the worst days fishing are enjoyed by me lately. I am getting older and I have started to see the world for what it really is. Time to enjoy the little things in life. My daughters joy at the butterflies hatching in our cages, the crickets she finds under the logs in the backyard. She is growing up fast and will soon be 11. It has gone by so fast. I relish every day with her as a child. Soon she will be too old to think bugs are cool and enjoys hanging with dad. I know boys and other things will take her from me. I can only hope I have instilled the joy of the world like my dad did to me. My father is a big bird watcher and bug collector and my daughter loves to look at his collection of insects. I hope she never looses these things. Too much today we are caught up in the fast paced world and forget that many things were here before us, but unfortunately will not be here after we are done. I find it sad that with all our technology and intelligence we are so quick to destroy the world we live in. I only hope my daughter has the chance to fish with her old man and her children i na world that still has the little things I find enjoyable.

Nov 17, 2009

Random big fish

I am a big fly guy. I want to pursue fish that smash big stuff. Giant trevally, cuda's and false albacore are known for crushing flies. I am interested!

Nov 12, 2009

Fly collection

Thought it would be kind cool to post a pile of my newly tied flies. These are all flies tied since May/June and have never seen the water.

Large Arbor Freak

I only own Greys reels but I just love them. When I win the lottery I will have a shelf full of these.