Oct 18, 2009

Fall pictures of my favorite haunt

This is my favorite place to fish. Although I have spots with more fish, this is my most bueatiful spot. The bluffs are about 75 feet high and run for about a mile.

Oct 13, 2009

New fishing car

2007 Mini S, 6 speed manual. 175 horse turbo 4, top speed 148 MPH. Now I can get to the fish faster.

Getting cold

Hit the water tonight for a few hours. The rivers are running clearer and look nicer than any other time of the year. The water temp is rapidly falling though and the river refused to give up any fish. Better luck next time.

Oct 12, 2009

Red Herring

Cold rainy weather spawned this little school of Red Herring over the weekend. The flies are around seven inches long.