Aug 28, 2013

Too hot to fish!

What do you do when it's too hot to fish....You tear stuff off the walls

Aug 20, 2013


New to the blog will be a monthly cigar review I will start doing for Thompson. The link and all informtion will be attached as well. All I ask is if you would order something, please put a note in the comments that you saw it here.

One note is that I consider myself a pretty low key cigar smoker. I can afford the best, but actually prefer some lesser costly brands, especially the flavored cigars lately. Lately, the Rum and Honey have been my favorite, but Grape and Cherry are always good.

I received these last night and since i had about 3 hours of invisible dog fence to put in the ground, I had time. The first thing I liked was the oval shape of the cigar. It made it easier to hold in my mouth since it is a large cigar. The wrapper was nice and didn't tear or crack when I punched it. Typical to a good cigar, if I was not puffing it would go out on it's own. The flavor was quite bold and spicy. This is defiantly not a fishing cigar. I would have been upset if the big boy had hit during my smoke and this cigar was bitten or ended up in the water. Keep this one for the celebratory trip back to the car.

Wrapper: 4 out of 5.
Flavor: 4 out of 5.
Quality of manufacturing: 5 out of 5.
Box:..didn't come in one :-(  
Name: 4 out of 5, cause they used the 'e' on OLDE. Would have been a 5 had it been called 'Ye Olde World Reserve.'

All in all this was a nice smoking cigar. The next will be enjoyed in the patio chair with a nice sipping Bourbon to REALLY give it a good review.