Oct 30, 2012

Musky flies

Couple of canaries for the show. These are on a standard sized magazine for reference.

Oct 25, 2012

New tools

I like it cause it looks like the lighter from 'man with the golden gun'

A typical fishing conversation

I was out bass fishing last night and got stopped by another fisherman. I had seen him a few times at the lake. He uses small flies roughly 1/4 of the size I throw. The basic conversation was they 'why do you throw stuff so big?'
I went into the whole bigger flies catch bigger fish theory. But its more than that. My fishing has proven that bigger flies catch bigger average fish. They also catch less fish, cause the little ones tend to leave it alone. So its really a decisions by the fisherman. Do you want 10 one pound fish or one 10 pound fish. Really comes down to that. Every time you hook a little fish you have wasted a cast that potentially could have hit a big fish, but you also risk spooking a larger fish in the area.
Last night I only caught one nice bass. Probably 4 pounds. He caught a dozen 1 pound fish.

Oct 22, 2012

weekend salmon fishing

Biggest fish this trip was an 8 lb brown, hooked larger but didn't land. No salmon were had. Found some legitimate 15 lb fish on beds, but could convince to eat. The record browns from this river for our group is 22-25 lbs. Have to say fishing sucked. River went from 50 cfm to 300 cfm in two days. Started to clear up a little on our last day, but was like fishing in coffee.

 Yummy! We purposely go up after the Chinook are mostly done. This means the steelhead, browns and coho are the normal fish in the river.

These new wool gloves worked great. Even after being soaked and wrung out, they kept my fingers warm. I would like to get a pair with full fingers on the last 3 fingers.

Oct 18, 2012

Attention getters

Working on some big musky flies for the ISA Show, these babies draw allot of attention to the table.

Oct 14, 2012

Illinois Smallmouth Alliance Show Event

Looks like I will be tying at the Smallmouth Alliance next month. Come out and see me. That's an order!


The Early Show

A Fly Tying & Fishing Show
Presented by the ISA & Drift

Saturday 11/10/12
9 am to 4:30pm
On the Fox River at:
Batavia VFW Post 1197
645 S. River Street
Batavia, Il. 60510
This daylong fest promotes all aspects of fly fishing for all types of fish. With expertise of local clubs, guides & shops we present the chance to learn about all aspects of the sport. From novice to expert, bass to trout, carp to steelhead, we will share the best of fly fishing, all with a Midwest focus.

Local club tyers from ISA Bassbuggers & Drift.
Guides for nearby opportunities.
Dozens of tyers & patterns, casting, booths by shops & manufacturers.
Admission $10.00- Kids under 10 free

 "I may have something special for you Chicago guys if you come and see me. You know who you are."

Oct 12, 2012

Hello me. Meet the real me. In my misfits way...

Sup? Me again. Thought tonight we would talk a little about casting.

I use an 8 weight rod. In this case I am throwing a 300 grain full sink line. I use about a 3 foot section of flouro as a leader so I retrieve the fly until almost all line is in the rod. Make a light haul in order to get a few feet of the line out as you go forward. Then lay the rod against your arm as an anchor. As in this photo.
Do a single haul to chuck the line upward behind you. You only need enough line to get the belly out of the rod. Then double haul the living crap out of it. I can throw the entire 90 feet of this line and one of my large flies.
This is where I was fishing tonight.

Oct 10, 2012

Oct 9, 2012

Raining and crappy

What do you do when it's crappy outside? Tie toothy bait and watch Airwolf.

Oct 4, 2012

Musky flies

Been playin'

. Bottom is standard fly.

Oct 2, 2012

Ken Capsey

You should watch your mail.

Oct 1, 2012

New swimmers on the way

Bassin' weekend

So I let the pike ride this weekend out and targeted some local ponds for largemouth. Biggest fish was only 3 pounds but I landed 60 in the three trips. I am always impressed at how aggressive the little 8 inch fish can be.